No Man Left Behind- Catholic Edition (4 written and recorded modules)

  • Men’s Ministry:The Big Picture

  • Creating Value in Your Ministry to Men

  • Capturing Momentum

  • Sustaining Change: Long-term Discipling

Seeds of Success- Developing the Heart and Soul of the Christian Leader- (5 written and recorded modules)

  • Answering God’s Call to Leadership

  • Developing a What Matters Most Focus

  • Goal Setting For Significance

  • Communicating the Message

  • Building a Team

Todos los módulos de liderazgo están disponibles sin cargo para los líderes que lo soliciten. Son una colaboración con CMLA y SOS Leadership Institute. El coaching continuo con estos módulos está disponible a pedido de un líder regional de CMLA o un Coach de Liderazgo SOS.

Derek Mountford
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